Game in early childhood is the best foundation for success in school. It develops all necessary learning skills.
Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.
Our center provides many educational activities to keep your kids engaged. They learn when playing.

A Few Words About Creativkids

Kid’s are so Amazing, and everyone of them got talents, unique ones too. Therefore We can’t put a limit to what they can “Dare to Create” at a Tender Age,they’ve got “Brilliant Initiative”. That is why we are poised at bringing out the creativity in every kids. Kids Love Fun. We Help them Create this Fun.

More About Us

Creativkids provides the following services

Learn through play

kids likes to play, they can as well learn through play

Education Services

We educate kids on the right knowledge needed for creativity

Toys and Games

Toys and Games enhance the cognitive perception of kids

Child Care

We nurture kids with care,affection and with Knowledge of God

Love and Care

We love and care for kids with the knowledge needed for development

Physical Activity

Kids engage in physical activities, in return they learn and recreate

We are Creativkids
A creative Kid’s Place

Bring out hidden treasure in kids,motivate kids,
create fun for kids, create wonderful moments,introduce the knowledge of God and teach kids to Love.

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